Sunday, April 28, 2013

From Under My Bed

Strangers under my bed
I was told they were all in my head
Darkness comes
Out of the silence –hums
Coming from the visitors under my bed

I rest in a place of thought
Somewhere between my dreams
Somewhere I am alone
But yet feel so at home

I arise from my partial slumber
My thoughts a bit humbler
I then hear a sound
And I look around

It was my clock
That infernal tick-tock
But something deeper
Like a deadly reaper

An utter silence I hear
A sound that brings me fear
That near-silent hum
Of the strangers under my bed
I knew they were not real
But it’s like they knew what I feel
Their hums crawling into my skin
Like they could reach through the cloth of my bed -- that was so thin

…Just waiting for the moment
To finish their torment
To end my life in an instant
The only thing protecting me was the tick of my clock that was so distant

I hide under my covers
Wrapped up over me so fast
You’d think it was two lovers
And still the hum of my visitors amassed

I looked into the shadows
Dark eyes aglow
The form of a face I see
That oddly looked like me

(And at that moment) I realized that the monsters under the bed
That I thought were in my head
Were really me instead
A part of me I thought was dead

By: Kylan Walker


  1. Wow...
    That's really good!
    Would you mind if I put it in a story of mine? I promise, all credit would go to you for the poem.

  2. Hi, Kylan Walker, I nominated you for the Sunshine Award. So if you want to check out my blog post...

  3. I did some research on the Sunshine Award. It appears to be for Jamaican and African communities based on their website.

  4. I love it.
    Alot of feeling,familiar feeling.


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